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January 22, 2018


Five Beaches and Lakes in CT Worth Visiting

  Ocean Beach Park Ocean Beach Park, located in New London CT, has been rated one of the best beaches in the United States by National Geographic. Weddings, banquets, and other family activities are held there due to its stunning beach view and convenient facilities. Admission is $22 on weekends and $17 on weeknights. This

Woodland Fans take the Spotlight

What if high school football led the news instead of NFL football? The chance to be on TV can get high school students pumped up. For a single game the high school teams take the spotlight on a major television station, just as the NFL teams do each week. SportzEdge, a website run by WTNH,

VIDEO:: Blizzard Nemo

Finding Nemo was not a difficult task in Connecticut this morning. As the Blizzard swept in to the state snow began falling around 8am.  Quickly, the snow started sticking to cars and shortly after that pavement surfaces such as driveways began to accumulate snow dust as well. 14 year-old, David Moody, explained why he enjoys

Gun Control Laws After Connecticut Tragedy

It has been just over a month since tragedy struck in Connecticut. On the morning of December 14th, 2012 a gunman entered Sandy Hook Elementary School and opened fire killing 20 innocent children, and 6 adults. Earlier that morning the gunman had shot and killed his own mother in her home. All of these deaths

Woodland Students Plan to Show Support to Sandy Hook Shooting Victims

On Friday afternoon, just a few minutes before the bell rang dismissing Woodland students for the weekend principal Dr. Frank came on the intercom as he does every afternoon. The announcements were nothing special, just simple reminders. Until he announced that all school activities were cancelled for the entire weekend because of a school shooting in Newtown. Cancelling all

Woodland Stresses Sobriety

   Sobriety is an issue that many teens from Woodland and all over the world have trouble with.    According to www.SADD.org, about 72% of students have consumed an abundance of alcohol by the end of high school.    Drinking and driving can have devastating consequences and impact lives.    As part of Cal Brennan’s Senior

Brazilian Hair Treatment

By: Michelle Hultgren The Brazilian treatment is a new hair trend in 2011. It is overtaking hair salons and influencing customers to join in on the fun. One may not know what the Brazilian Treatment entails, but it has to do with the hair. The Brazilian, also known as “Keratin” treatment, is a treatment that

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