Woodland Fans take the Spotlight

What if high school football led the news instead of NFL football? The chance to be on TV can get high school students pumped up. For a single game the high school teams take the spotlight on a major television station, just as the NFL teams do each week.

SportzEdge, a website run by WTNH, covers the local sports events and the top high school teams in Connecticut. SportzEdge holds contests and the fans get to choose the game of the week. This is the game that the people want to see on TV.

This week SportzEdge turned the spotlight to the stands. SportzEdge wanted to know which high school had the best fans. For high schools it was a chance to be recognized, a chance for dedicated fans who have been to every game to be recognized as an important part of their athletic program.

This week SportzEdge asked the fans to choose the best fans in Connecticut and hosted six polls where  twelve different high schools competed to be the best fans. Once the polls ended the winners advanced to the semi-finals. Then three more polls will appear. At the end of the voting three schools will earn the honor of having the best fans.

For the people who want to vote, but do not know the fans of the competing teams SportzEdge put together clips of all the fan sections and what the sections did in order to make themselves stand out.

Of the seven polls, originally posted, the most competitive was Woodland versus Sheehan.

For Woodland the highlight of the student section was the “W” they hold up to show hawk pride. Sheehan on the other hand has a “Titan rumble” which the students preform as they shake in the stands.

Some other unique forms of cheering for a team include dressing up in school colors, having former students come and cheer, and showing school spirit in any way they can.

These polls shed some light on how much work it is to be a fan and the importance of having a full student section.

The quarter final polls finished out:

Trumbull “Black Hole” (462 votes) vs. Notre Dame-West Haven “Green Machine”(141)

Southington “Knight Krew” (158) vs. Xavier “Black Hole” (114)

Holy Cross “Crusader Crew” (342) vs. Naugatuck “Naugies” (211)

Woodland “The Woods” (1253) vs. Sheehan “Titan Pit” (1290)

Pomperaug “The Jungle” (404) vs. Danbury “Youth Night” (36)

Oxford “O-ZONE” (201) vs. Farmington “Super Fans”(24)

Even though Woodland might not have beaten Sheehan, Woodland can take pride in beating all of the the other polls.