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November 18, 2017


The Man, The Myth, The Legend: Tom Feige

When you were in elementary school, you thought that your teachers lived at school. They taught you things that you learn in order to be successful, and waited anxiously for the next day to do it all over again. Now that you are older, you know that is not the case. Shockingly, teachers have lives,

Zachary Sampiere Continues Motorized Car Racing Career

Zachary Sampiere: Motorized Car Racing In December of 2012, at the age of thirteen, Zachary Sampiere sparked an interest in radio controlled car racing. Sampiere is now a senior at Woodland Regional and his passion for racing cars has grown with him. Sampiere first recognized his interest in car racing when he started watching actual

Mayne and Meliso Soar to the Top of the Class

Success at Woodland Regional High School is not only defined by academic achievement, but by a student’s desire to obtain knowledge, make connections, and the ability to be truthful, respectful, and encouraging. The Woodland Way outlines these expectations in order to motivate students to excel. Each year, two students from the graduating class are recognized

Andrea Hansen: Young Girl Old City

The streets of New York City–nothing but lights and amazing fashion may seem a bit intimidating for some. But for sixteen year old Andrea Hansen, the thought is otherwise. Hansen knew from a young age she wanted to be in the fashion business. When most little girls dream of being in the fashion industry, they

Guerrera Awarded Title of National Student Leader

After devoting countless hours as an active member of Student Government at Woodland Regional High School for the past four years and serving as an advocate for the student body, senior and Student Government President, Noelle Guerrera learned a lot about leadership. The skills and knowledge she gained regarding how to run school wide events,

Lauck and Hicks: The Dynamic Duo

Friday night lights aren’t just for the football players. For seniors and sports journalists Chris Lauck and Matt Hicks, the roar of the crowd and the throwing of a football are the two main things that this duo lives on. You’ve probably seen them up at the football field press box; headsets on, rosters in

Kaylee Walsh: First Woodland, then the world

We all aspire to be somebody more accomplished than ourselves. Sports players look up to professional athletes, drama club actors admire those leading on Broadway, and those who want to change the world study the people that already have. Observing the achievements of a person can teach you a lot about them. When this list

Jon Ridge, The Star of the Show

For most members of any Drama Club around the world, the lead of the production is always reserved for experienced actors who have participated in many shows in their lifetime. But not for Jon Ridge, senior at Woodland who played John Proctor, one of the main roles in Arthur Miller’s play, “The Crucible”. When Ridge

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