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May 25, 2017


Hawk Headlines Wins Big at EXPOfest 2017

Most of the time we report the news. Right now, we are the news! Congratulations to Hawk Headlines Documentaries for sweeping both awards in the short documentary category–Critics Award and Best Short Documentary. Producers Caitlyn Martin and Isabella Fabrizi accepted the award on stage. Crew included Victoria Baliga, Hailey Bernier, Kaitlyn Syrowsky, Sylvia Lemanski, Sarah

Woodland Spring Fine Arts Night

As over two million Americans serve in the U.S. military, it is important to honor those risking their lives for the safety and freedom of their fellow American citizens. This is especially true as Memorial Day draws closer and the memory of those who gave their lives for America is honored. At the spring fine

Motivational Speaker Ryan Martin Comes to Woodland

Ryan Martin, was diagnosed with Spina Bifida when he was born and had both his legs amputated at the age of two. Through Martin’s life he has been able to depend on basketball for strength mentally and physically. After playing overseas for 12 seasons of his career, he is now a professional basketball player for

Technology Advancing in the Fine Arts Department

When Woodland Regional opened 16 years ago technology was a limited resource in the Fine Arts department which created a barrier for the students to compose and create. Now, all that has changed. During the early years of Woodland’s Fine Arts department, music notation software such as “Finale” were offered along with controller keyboards and

Moana Friday Movie Night Moved

UPDATE: The Dinner and Movie Night has been postponed until Friday, June 2nd @5:30PM Woodland’s very first dinner and a movie night, hosted by the officers of the sophomore class. The movie being featured tonight is Moana, and as of now, the sophomore class is struggling to keep up with the work and time being

Woodlands New Unified Theatre Club

Every chair in the audience has been filled and faces in the crowd peer up at the stage, eager to see every act. Actors and actresses appear from behind the curtains one after another. Each has a huge smile on their face, happy to see the excited crowd ahead of them. A scene like this

Woodland Takes On Costa Rica

Rainforests, beaches, and volcanoes are all popular natural attractions in Costa Rica. The beauty was just one factor in the decision to take our very own region sixteen students on the trip. Luddy was also inspired by her experience and the culture. ”It’s a perfect opportunity to explore another country that’s very different from New

Off-Season Insight

Every year, every team dreams of hoisting the Lombardi Trophy and putting their name in the conversation as the greatest to ever do it.  However, the road to winning the Superbowl is not an easy one, and it does not happen overnight.  It takes years for a franchise to build a contender, and even longer

Woodland Presents: “Guys and Dolls”

Nathan Detroit, an avid crap game player, makes a bet with Sky Masterson that he can’t take the missionary “doll” Sarah Brown to Havana, Cuba with him, making the bet in order to get the money he needs to secure a location for his crap game.  Adelaide, Nathan’s fiance, complains that she and he have

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