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November 18, 2017


Summer Fashion Trends

Ahh Summer is arriving which means new trends arrive and that means more shopping and let’s be real who doesn’t love that. First things first, mules;Yes that 80’s and 90’s trend that your mother used to wear when she was a cool teen and will probably start wearing again (since its cool). You have probably

Mrs Geary’s Hearty Home Cooked Meals

Things your readers should know: I don’t really measure anything. And I rarely make anything the same way twice. I use organic ingredients when it makes sense and I can afford it. For example, celery must be organic because it’s one of the “dirty dozen,” a list of fruits and vegetables that get treated with

How Serious Is Prom Dress Code?

Going to the mall and dress shops every weekend to look for the perfect prom dress, finally finding one and getting it fitted to look as best as possible, so that the night is perfect. Every high school girl goes through this experience, they want to look beautiful for their senior prom, so they spend

Do Fidget Toys Really Help in the Classrooms?

During the past few months, a new toy has emerged and is taking the internet by storm: fidget toys. You may have seen them on Youtube, or from the many students in our school that have purchased one, but it seems like they are just another useless toy. In reality, they have an extremely useful

Roommate Revision

“I’m looking for someone who can stay in and watch Netflix but also go out and go to parties with me!” “My favorite shows are Shameless, One Tree Hill, and The Office.” “I’m into rap but honestly listen to anything! I have a super diverse music taste.” “Message me if you’re interested!” “Looking for somebody

How Terrible are Millennials?

Lazy, unmotivated, atrocious, entitled, selfish, unmannerly, unholy- some quick synonyms older generations believe are appropriate for the term “millennial.” Odds are if you were born after the year 1980 and before the year 2000, you are aware of the stereotypes that are attached to your birthday- because you are a millennial.   It is almost

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