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May 25, 2017


Do Fidget Toys Really Help in the Classrooms?

During the past few months, a new toy has emerged and is taking the internet by storm: fidget toys. You may have seen them on Youtube, or from the many students in our school that have purchased one, but it seems like they are just another useless toy. In reality, they have an extremely useful

Roommate Revision

“I’m looking for someone who can stay in and watch Netflix but also go out and go to parties with me!” “My favorite shows are Shameless, One Tree Hill, and The Office.” “I’m into rap but honestly listen to anything! I have a super diverse music taste.” “Message me if you’re interested!” “Looking for somebody

How Terrible are Millennials?

Lazy, unmotivated, atrocious, entitled, selfish, unmannerly, unholy- some quick synonyms older generations believe are appropriate for the term “millennial.” Odds are if you were born after the year 1980 and before the year 2000, you are aware of the stereotypes that are attached to your birthday- because you are a millennial.   It is almost

Spring Fashion Has Arrived

Spring is just around the corner and Fashion Weeks are ending which means new trends are emerging. Some of these trends are expected, but many may come as quite a shock. A typical trend for spring is obviously anything floral, but this time it’s to another level. Not only is this trend exploding, designers are


“Lurking” traditionally summons an image of a masked man in a trenchcoat, spying on his prey in the shadows. Frightening. However, the new definition is far less threatening- picture a teenage girl, armed with the lovely irrationality and over-analyzation that comes with being a teenager, holding a device that contains a full profile of information

How Much Sleep do Teens Really Get?

“There are twenty-four whole hours in a day, you have plenty of time.” “Oh you’re young, you’ll have time!” Twenty four? That’s it? Let’s face it, some high school students would need at least 30 hours in a day to ensure they get enough sleep while trying to balance their schedules. And also, let’s accept

What it means to be “Extra”

Remember chillaxing, planking, or swag? You can definitely answer yes, but you most likely can no longer say you can use them in your day to day language. Words fade away after a while, and after “swag” held on to it’s legacy for way too long- by making it on every preteens sweatshirt and facebook

PDA: How Much Is Too Much?

Parting from your significant other is such a hardship that some feel the need to share a dramatic goodbye. Displaying your relationship to the rest of the school is not necessary. How much is too much? The most asked questions amongst the halls of Woodland Regional High School are concerning the topic of the public

17 Things to Do Before you Graduate

It seems like it was just yesterday that the school year started, our minds and eyes filled with the childlike wonder of a new benchmark period for education. We vowed that this year we will get all A’s on tests and hit the volleyball in gym class as we meandered our way from class to

Chlorine is Ruining my Life

My skin is dry. My hair is half dead. And if you just so happen to lick my arm, the pungent scent of chlorine will fill the room in a matter of seconds. I’m a mediocre swimmer on a high school swim team, but to a certain extent, most swimmers can relate to the problems

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