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January 22, 2018

Posts by: Julia Swiatek

Woodland Deca “Helping Hands” Event

The Woodland Regional High School chapter of DECA is hosting a charity event for the Moscariello family, called Helping Hands at 9 a.m. on Saturday June 10, 2017. The event will be held in the second floor courtyard, and will consist of a competition to see who can hold their hand on a schoolbus without

Finding Summer Activities in CT

Once summertime comes around, students are finally rewarded for their hard work during the school year, with more freedom. For some that means leaving the state on vacation, whether it be a road trip, or a transatlantic flight. For others that means having fun in our home state, finding interesting activities within driving distance of

GSA Hosts Watermelon Smash

On Wednesday June 8th, Woodland’s Gay Straight Alliance hosted a stress relieving watermelon smash in the third floor courtyard by the cafeteria after school. Students could pay $2 to smash one watermelon or $1 to smash any other watermelons after that. With finals quickly approaching, many students find themselves overwhelmed to meet deadlines, organize study

Why are Certain Gifs Satisfying to Watch?

Have you ever found yourself scrolling through Instagram or Twitter when you suddenly encounter a calligraphy video you just can’t stop watching? You don’t know what makes the video so compelling to watch, and yet you let it loop through ten times. You’re not alone. Many people experience this feeling of satisfaction from certain images

Woodland Science Students Visit the Beardsley Zoo

On Tuesday May 17, students taking Zoology, AP Environmental Science, and AP Biology courses at Woodland attended a field trip to the Beardsley Bridgeport Zoo. Students in those classes study various organisms, their environments, and the adaptations these organisms have developed to survive. The zoo field trip was an engaging opportunity for them to see

Spending Summer Days in New York

        1. Bryant Park Movie Night Imagine sitting under the nighttime sky in New York’s Bryant Park, with the scene before you illuminated by a large screen streaming classic movies. Around the area, cars rush by in the city that never sleeps and skyscrapers with illuminated windows tower over your head as

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