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January 22, 2018


QuizBowl: What Actually Happens in Meetings

When people hear the word competition, they think of funny-shaped balls and shoulder pads. But for Nancy  Manning and the Quiz bowl team, competition means answering tough questions.  A saying  Quiz bowl,  a debate team here in Woodland Regional High School, and in order to crush their opponents, they require vigorous practice. In the beginning

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Christmas Music

In order to survive, living things must evolve. White fur is developed so polar bears can blend into the snow. Specific shaped beaks are formed so the finches on the Galapagos islands can extract nectar from flowers. And so I can survive the winter, I listen to Christmas music. I hate the winter. My Greek

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You See Hamburger, I See Death

  Picture an overpopulated, 1800’s jail where it’s dark, cold, and rundown–prisoners  cramped in a disease-ridden dungeons, weakly surviving through days on limited rations, wallowing in their own filth. While our prisoners today might be treated better, these horrid conditions still exist. Modern day meat sources like cows and pigs suffer these conditions daily for

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