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May 25, 2017


Technology Advancing in the Fine Arts Department

When Woodland Regional opened 16 years ago technology was a limited resource in the Fine Arts department which created a barrier for the students to compose and create. Now, all that has changed. During the early years of Woodland’s Fine Arts department, music notation software such as “Finale” were offered along with controller keyboards and

Moana Friday Movie Night Moved

UPDATE: The Dinner and Movie Night has been postponed until Friday, June 2nd @5:30PM Woodland’s very first dinner and a movie night, hosted by the officers of the sophomore class. The movie being featured tonight is Moana, and as of now, the sophomore class is struggling to keep up with the work and time being

Woodlands New Unified Theatre Club

Every chair in the audience has been filled and faces in the crowd peer up at the stage, eager to see every act. Actors and actresses appear from behind the curtains one after another. Each has a huge smile on their face, happy to see the excited crowd ahead of them. A scene like this

End of One Journey, Beginning of Another

Butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, freestyle. The Long River Swim Team has been working very hard throughout their season in order to perform well at meets and perfect these four strokes. As the season is quickly coming to a close, the swimmers, the eighth graders in particular, led by Coach Mike Magas, are beginning to look back

The Men Behind the Uniforms

Guy DiMichele, Army, Korean War “I traveled the world. I went to Africa, from Africa to England, England to Germany, Germany to France.  I remember, we were in the field in Germany, and a Jeep comes running across the camp. One of my men was a multimillionaire. Being married and having children, he was drafted

Hawkwing’s Sponsors “Be a Nice Human Week”

Hawkwings- a F.O.R club, recently sponsored the “Be a Nice Human Week”. Through May 18 to May 22, Woodland students were encouraged to exemplify kindness in and out of school. Bethany Didato, Hawkwings advisor, spoke on the focus of this event. “We wanted to make people conscious of doing nice things around the school,” said

Belize Trip Presentation

  Three students at Woodland went on a fantastic trip during April break of 2015 to Belize and shared their experiences and findings to the public.  

Photos:: 5th Grade Field Day

Community School and Laurel Ledge 5th Graders met at Pent Field in Beacon Falls last Friday for a fun-filled day full of activities, meeting new people, and delicious food.

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