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September 25, 2017


Hawk Productions Club: Producing the Woods

“Lights, camera, action” is a common phrase used in room 219– the Digital Media room, where the Hawk Productions Club resides. If you have a place in your heart for this term, this is the classroom for you to be in. Hawk Productions is Woodland’s Digital Media club which produces short videos, competes in local

The Writer’s Wing: Tutoring the Hawks

Whether you are an incoming freshman, or an AP literature, honors-student senior, everyone can get help and guidance on their writing by the Writer’s Wing club members. The goal is to get students interacting with one another, to improve writing skills and spread the love of composition. The Writer’s Wing, located in the library, is

Region 16 Dress Drive

Now that Spring has began events held at Long River Middle School such; Dinner Dance, Awards Ceremony, and the Promotion of Eighth Graders is right around the corner. With all these special occasions approaching Long River has asked for donations of gently used special occasion dresses. Those who have dresses that do no longer fit,

Mrs Geary’s Hearty Home Cooked Meals

Things your readers should know: I don’t really measure anything. And I rarely make anything the same way twice. I use organic ingredients when it makes sense and I can afford it. For example, celery must be organic because it’s one of the “dirty dozen,” a list of fruits and vegetables that get treated with

EXPOfest Awards

From the struggles of war to the struggles at home after war, a veteran’s life is not easy.  But, this often is not realized by many Americans who take their freedoms for granted. In their two documentaries, which won awards at the EXPOfest 2017, Isabella Fabrizi and Caitlyn Martin were able to bring these struggles

Chromebooks: What is the plan for next year?

In the 2016-2017 school year, the freshmen and sophomore got their own personal chromebooks to take home. They also get to keep it for over the summer for their summer work. The seniors and juniors didn’t get them, however upcoming seniors are getting chromebooks next year that they get to take to college with them.

Technology Advancing in the Fine Arts Department

When Woodland Regional opened 16 years ago technology was a limited resource in the Fine Arts department which created a barrier for the students to compose and create. Now, all that has changed. During the early years of Woodland’s Fine Arts department, music notation software such as “Finale” were offered along with controller keyboards and

Moana Friday Movie Night Moved

UPDATE: The Dinner and Movie Night has been postponed until Friday, June 2nd @5:30PM Woodland’s very first dinner and a movie night, hosted by the officers of the sophomore class. The movie being featured tonight is Moana, and as of now, the sophomore class is struggling to keep up with the work and time being

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