Woodland Suffers Defeat in State Tournament, but “Hawk Pride” Shines Through

_DSC0352I cannot say that I have ever been a basketball fan.

Something about the running back and forth across the court and the constant sneaker squeaking just makes the game utterly confusing.

That was until I watched the Woodland boys team play the Weaver Beavers in the Class S state tournament game.

Although the boys suffered a heartbreaking loss to the Beavers, it was still one of the best games of basketball I have witnessed.

Signs of “hawk pride” were all over the Woods.

The student section was overflowing with Woodland kids decked out in all white, in honor of Woodland’s home uniform, a style known in the Woods as a “white-out.”

Parents and alumni were packed into the stands ready to watch a showdown.

And this game was showdown.

Right from the beginning the game was a close one.

For three amazing quarters the Hawks were more energized than ever before.

The boys sunk three point shot after three point shot and played intense defense.

At least three times, the Hawks found themselves on the floor of the gym trying to pull the ball out of the hands of a Weaver player.

But when the fourth quarter came the Hawks simply ran out of steam and lost the game 88-76.

The Hawks played an excellent game of basketball, fighting until the end.

Not one person in the gym could take their eyes off of the game for more than a second, myself included.

But what made this game truly special was the support of the fans.

Every Woodland player who entered the court got a standing ovation, even during the last seconds of the game when the JV team took over.

When a Weaver fan yelled rude comments to Woodland center Dave Uhl while he was at the foul line, the student section made sure their shouts and boos put the fan in his place.

The Woodland fans proved one thing at this basketball game, win or lose “hawk pride” will always prevail.