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Five Beaches and Lakes in CT Worth Visiting


Ocean Beach Park

Ocean Beach Park, located in New London CT, has been rated one of the best beaches in the United States by National Geographic. Weddings, banquets, and other family activities are held there due to its stunning beach view and convenient facilities. Admission is $22 on weekends and $17 on weeknights. This Long Island Sound shore offers a gym, carousel, Olympic-size pool, kiddie spray park, mini golf course,amusement rides, cafe and restaurant, banquet area, picnic area, and a one half mile long boardwalk. The Park also offers events such as beach blanket movie night when you can enjoy a movie under the stars for free.

[su_gmap width=”300″ height=”200″ address=”41.310709, -72.098949″]Hubbard Park[/su_gmap]

Hammonasset Beach State Park

Located in Madison CT, Hammonasset Beach features the longest park shoreline in CT, featuring two miles of beach. Hammonasset offers 550 campsites along with boardwalk, concessions, scuba diving, saltwater fishing, and picnic area. When visiting, you can soak up the sun, wad into the water, or stroll along the water. Admission to the park is $9 on weekdays, $13 on weekends, and $6 after 4 PM.

[su_gmap width=”300″ height=”200″ address=”41.264855, -72.560456″]Hubbard Park[/su_gmap]

Silver Sands State Park

Silver Sands in Milford provides 297 acres of beach, open area, and woods, for no parking fees. A sandbar connects the beach to Charles Island, where one can walk to when the tide is low. A myth involving buried treasure revolves around the island, but for now all that is left on it are the remains of a church retreat from the 20’s or 30’s. However one can still enjoy a nice walk through the woods on the island, or return to the mainland to splash in the waves and sunbathe.

[su_gmap width=”300″ height=”200″ address=”41.201614, -73.069051″]Hubbard Park[/su_gmap]


Lake Zoar

Bordered by the towns of Oxford, Monroe, Newtown, and Southbury, Lake Zoar is a reservoir on the Housatonic River formed by the Stevenson Dam. Boating, jet skiing, water-skiing, and fishing, are very popular on the 900 acre reservoir. A 6.5 mile Zoar trail also wraps around the lake.

[su_gmap width=”300″ height=”200″ address=”41.380978, -73.176437″]Hubbard Park[/su_gmap]


Bantam Lake

Bantam is Connecticut’s largest natural lake located in both Morris and Litchfield Connecticut. Boating, canoeing, and kayaking, are very popular at the lake. With regularly stationed lifeguards, one can go for a swim in the closed off swim area. The area area includes a floating platform featuring a waterslide. At the lake, there are also hiking trails, campgrounds, and areaa for horseback riding.

[su_gmap width=”300″ height=”200″ address=” 41.705940, -73.209429″]Hubbard Park[/su_gmap]

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