Welcome to the Woods

The Woodland Regional Student Council’s first event of the school year has always been a club fair known as Clubbing at Woodland.

At this even the whole school would gather together in the gym to eat donuts, drink apple cider while learning about the various clubs that Woodland has to offer.

This year the WRSC has decided to change the format of the event.

“The focus of Clubbing was always meant to be on the clubs and encouraging kids to get involved in school activities,” said WRSC advisor Chirs Tomlin, “but over the years it seemed that the event became more about eating donuts.”

In order to shift the focus of the event back to the clubs, the WRSC is now hosting an event called Welcome to the Woods. Over the course of two days, freshmen and sophomores had an opportunity to explore the clubs and activities Woodland has to offer.

“During advisory on September 18th and 19th freshmen and sophomores attended a club fair in the cafeteria,” said event sponsor, WRSC senator Mary Valmis. “On September 20th, juniors and seniors will gather during advisory to enjoy donuts and cider together.”

The freshmen and sophomores will be the only grades attending a club fair this because, according the Valmis, they are the ones who will benefit most from it.

“Freshmen and sophomore year is the time when kids really join new clubs, by the time students are juniors they have already found what activities they want to be a part of,” said Valmis.

The format of Welcome to the Woods will allow kids more time to talk to club representatives and hopefully find something they really enjoy.

During Welcome to the Woods, students in all grade levels will also sign their name on a banner that will be hung up in the school.

“The banner is a fun way to bring everyone together and have each student leave their mark on Woodland,” said Valamis.

On the final day of Welcome to Woods, Friday September 20th, everyone in the school is encouraged to wear black and gold or Woodland clothes, to boost school spirit.

The WRSC is hoping that their first event of the school year will enforce a sense of unity in the school as well as integrate underclassmen into the Woodland community.