Late Policy

By Mary Sardinskas
Along with the start of a new school year, many changes came upon Woodland this year. This year it looks like it’s going to be new everything; new principal, as well as new and improved rules.
The biggest change came with a policy that is used every day, every block, by every student. Most know it as the tardy policy. In previous years the rules have been loose and unclear to most, including teachers. As many have probably figured out by now, tardy policies and consequences have varied in pervious years depending on the teacher, some being much more lenient and loose than others. Not this year though, because with the coming of the new principal Mr. Ogren, many new ideas have come to surface throughout staff meetings and through his past experience. Staff members brought this idea for a new tardy policy because it has been a incessant and continual issue in the past, so putting a new policy in place so far has been very well liked and very strictly enforced.
The new rules include this simple and easy-to-remember system. Each student gets three times late to a class, and on the fourth their administrator makes the house call. After seven late arrivals, the eight one includes an hour-long detention with that teacher. After three additional late arrivals, is the three hour-long detention, and finally and ISS 9in school suspension). “Knowing that there are more consequences now, and that they will be enforced, I think students will really try to come to school on time more often.” Said senior Hope Gavigan when asked about the new policy.
The administrators who have authority of the discipline are Dr. Mulligan, also the vice principal at Woodland, Mr. Fell, who is the athletic director as well, and Mr. Palladino, the dean of students. “The policy is only for students’ benefit really,” said Palladino. “Beyond the walls of this high school, these will be the things that students will have to carry on.”
Fortunately as of the second full week of school, there have been no problems enforcing this new policy, and so far no consequences yet. “This will definitely be more of a problem towards October or November, when sports top and the year really gets into it’s full swing.” Mentioned Palladino.