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WRSC Hosts Woodlandstock


Music is a passion and an interest for both freshman Zachary Crowell, and junior Jeffrey Lauck.

When Crowell and Lauck heard of the idea of Woodlandstock from student council advisor, Christopher Tomlin, they thought it was the perfect way for them to combine their love for music and their involvement in the Woodland Student Council (WRSC).

Tomlin explained that this event originated back in 2007 and that the WRSC has been looking at expanding their events this year. Because both Crowell and Lauck are musically driven, they thought it would be something fun to bring back.

This event gathers student and teacher bands and gives them an opportunity to perform in front of the community.

Woodlandstock will take place on May 31st at 5 pm in Woodland’s courtyard. In case of rain it will be held in the auditorium.

Crowell admits that a lot of planning has gone into this event over the last couple months, “We have contacted many students who have musical talent to perform, along with the preparation of posters and advertising the event.” Crowell also mentions the process of getting it approved by administration and securing the location and the date.

Tickets will be sold in advance for three dollars during lunch waves. Another piece that Crowell and Lauck decided to bring in was the idea that all money raised would be donated to veterans.

Tomlin is looking forward to the event and said, “I loved that the membership wanted to bring the event back, we originally ran it for two years and then handed it off to tri-m which was in a good position to run the event.”

Lauck mentioned that his biggest goal for this event is, “publicity for local bands and [to raise] more awareness for the talent that the Woodland Community has.”

Crowell is hoping that they will be able to get at least 50 people from the communities to attend this event. Crowell and Lauck are still taking bands or groups interested in performing and people can stop by the student council room to sign up.

Tomlin seemed to agree and said, “I would like to see this event return to our regular repertoire, if we get a good crowd and some good bands I think it will be a success.”


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