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January 23, 2018


Terpstra and Plante Chosen to Compete in CMEA Southern Region Music Festival

Students spend high school struggling to find their place. In some cases, however, students excel so exceptionally in their niche that they are recognized in a regional competition. Senior Katelyn Terpstra and sophomore Jillian Plante were recently selected to the CMEA Southern Region Music Festival. Both girls took part in an audition in November and

Bruno Mars Takes Over MetLife

The only thing warming up the fans at Met Life Stadium in New Jersey during halftime of the Super Bowl XLVII was Bruno Mars’ red hot performance. He certainly stole the show dismissing any doubts and entertaining thousands of fans with his undeniable talent. A group of young performers opened the show harmonizing to one

WRSC Hosts Woodlandstock

Music is a passion and an interest for both freshman Zachary Crowell, and junior Jeffrey Lauck. When Crowell and Lauck heard of the idea of Woodlandstock from student council advisor, Christopher Tomlin, they thought it was the perfect way for them to combine their love for music and their involvement in the Woodland Student Council

They’re Back

Ice cream, Barbie dolls, Legos, concerts—all part of a childhood. When someone is little things like these can leave a big impression on your life. The Jonas Brothers like many other bands had their time of fame. What started out as three brothers following their passions in 2007 led to a pop sensation selling over

Featured::Nick Barra

High school is the time to decide what you want to do in college and in life. For senior, Nick Barra, high school has given him just that. “I really like music,” said Barra. “I’ve been playing piano since I was six,” and he admits that music is a big part of his life. Because

Thinking of Inking

Pop quiz. What does a lavender flower, memorable quotes, a music note, a first and last name, and the word families have in common. Here’s a hint. To some these words may have no value. But to some these things are so precious to them that they wanted a permanent reminder of the impact that

Music’s Best in 2012

As 2012 comes to an end we reflect back on the year and remember the best of the best. After hundreds and even thousands of songs have been released throughout the year we are left with ten that were the most successful. According to billboard.com number ten for the most popular song across all genres

Piracy of Music

By Austin Clarke Music is a part of everyone’s lives. No one goes a day without listening to some form of music mostly because it is entertaining. Music is a big industry, with the bands themselves, record labels, management, and clothing, and when industries get big, people will want to steal its product. In the

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