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January 23, 2018

Makenzie White

A New Beginning

When you walk in the doors freshmen year the idea of four years seems overwhelming. New teachers, new classes, and a new school. Graduation seems like it is an eternity away. Yet, here the class of 2013 stands four years later, only 18 days away from their graduation. After pep rallies, finals, dances, and APs

WRSC Class Olympics Results

Final scores put Freshmen class in first with 210 points, Sophomores in second with 170 points, Juniors in third place with 110 points, and Seniors in last place with 100 points.   Trivia  1st place: Juniors with Jeffrey Lauck and Dan Johnson 2nd place: Seniors with Rex Sturdevant and Ian Chamenko 3rd place: Freshmen with

Is Senioritis Real?

  It’s that time of year again. AP exams are over, you’ve been accepted into college, and graduation is only weeks away. Your motivation drops and your drive to do just about anything disappears. At this point it is probably safe to diagnose you with…senioritis. Over the years this term has grown with its usage

WRSC Hosts Woodlandstock

Music is a passion and an interest for both freshman Zachary Crowell, and junior Jeffrey Lauck. When Crowell and Lauck heard of the idea of Woodlandstock from student council advisor, Christopher Tomlin, they thought it was the perfect way for them to combine their love for music and their involvement in the Woodland Student Council

Story Behind the Shirt

Months preparing all for one day, all for one exam, and all for one exemption—at least students hope. AP classes are a great way for high school students to receive college credit for work done while they are still in high school. No matter what AP class a student takes, it takes a great deal

Video::Earth Day Cleanup

  On Monday, April 22nd Woodland’s Student Council decided to step outside their regular senate meeting and meet at Matthies Park instead. Here officers, students, and senators alike gathered to celebrate Earth Day by hosting the first annual Earth Day Cleanup. “Today we are doing our first Earth Day Cleanup. We are going to be

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