WRSC Class Olympics Results

Final scores put Freshmen class in first with 210 points, Sophomores in second with 170 points, Juniors in third place with 110 points, and Seniors in last place with 100 points.



1st place: Juniors with Jeffrey Lauck and Dan Johnson

2nd place: Seniors with Rex Sturdevant and Ian Chamenko

3rd place: Freshmen with Donovan White and Zachary Crowell

4th place: Sophmores with Patrick Conway and Emma Poryanda


1st place: Nicole Buckley

2nd place: Donovan White

3rd place: Jianna Vaccerelli

4th place: Alina Ovchar

Free Throw

1st place: Kirk Chamenko

2nd place: Semir Dervisi

3rd place: Hannah Deegan

4th place: Dylan Abarzua

Art Expression 

1st place: Emma Conway

2nd place: Lydia Segal

3rd place: Angela Lugo

4th place: Heidi Schlupp


1st place: Donovan White

2nd place: Julia Lavernoich

3rd place: Ian Chamenko


1st place: Olivia Delmonico

2nd place: Jianna Vaccerelli

3rd place: Kyla Porter

4th place: Kirk Chamenko