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January 22, 2018

Posts by: Jeff Varesio

Moana Friday Movie Night Moved

UPDATE: The Dinner and Movie Night has been postponed until Friday, June 2nd @5:30PM Woodland’s very first dinner and a movie night, hosted by the officers of the sophomore class. The movie being featured tonight is Moana, and as of now, the sophomore class is struggling to keep up with the work and time being

Woodland Fights Back Against Cancer

As of now, many of students and faculty of Woodland Regional High School are or have been affected by cancer, either through their families or themselves personally. Because of how close this disease hits, Woodland has taken up arms in the fight against cancer through many of our senior projects and student government. The closest

Will Virtual Reality Become a Reality?

As of today, we know of only one reality that exists, but in the near future, this may no longer be the case. Through the use of virtual reality electronic gear, people will be able to enter endless digital worlds and experience more of our universe than ever before. With this, the applications and possibilities

Woodland Ski Club Looking for New Members

Woodland Ski Club: a place to hang with friends, take your mind off of your worries, and hit the slopes. Members of the ski club go on several trips each winter to ski or snowboard on nearby mountains. Down at our regional middle school, Long River, the club proves to be similar in many aspects.

‘No Shave November’ Isn’t All about the Beard

November: the month when people all over the country pack up their razors and shaving cream, the month when it becomes perfectly acceptable to grow out your hair. Therefore, this month has been labeled´No Shave November.´ Yet, the majority of the participants are unaware of the main objective. Though many participants just grow out their

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