Moana Friday Movie Night Moved

UPDATE: The Dinner and Movie Night has been postponed until Friday, June 2nd @5:30PM

Woodland’s very first dinner and a movie night, hosted by the officers of the sophomore class. The movie being featured tonight is Moana, and as of now, the sophomore class is struggling to keep up with the work and time being put into this service project. Though Woodland is taking many similar projects like this one for granted, how this event turns out could affect the classes in the long run.

Woodland Culinary Arts Chef, Sandra Cumberledge, noted that the project–and it’s possible failure to maintain minimums–put it in a dire situation.

“We had to put money out from the class funds to purchase a new projector to replace a broken one, as well as a blow-up screen,” said Cumberlege. “We have had to put out more money than we have taken in.”

The Moana movie night is an effort to support the Class of 2019 for their senior activities and losing money on a fundraiser could be a detriment on future activities.

“We need more money to come in, even if it is through donations,” said Cumberledge. “If we have more movie nights like these in the future, then we will get a discount on the projector and screen, which would help to ease the costs.”

Not only is the sophomore class going to be affected negatively by this, but it does raise the question of school support from all of the classes. The project needed 100 tickets sold by Wednesday of this week to break even, but they only were able to sell 70 by today. The class officers are afraid that they will actually lose money, because of the lack of support by not only Class of 2019, but other classes, too.

This lack of school spirit and support may affect the projects of other classes as well, which will, in turn, affect students’ senior years. Without money for class activities, students will have to pay more than expected for prom, the senior trip, and many other senior privileges.

If you have the time, come out and show your support for the sophomore class Friday June 2nd at 5:30pm.  And, underclassmen, think about the future of your own class when more projects and fundraisers come around.

EDIT: Story reflects new date and time for event