Spending Summer Days in New York


      1. Bryant Park Movie Night


Imagine sitting under the nighttime sky in New York’s Bryant Park, with the scene before you illuminated by a large screen streaming classic movies. Around the area, cars rush by in the city that never sleeps and skyscrapers with illuminated windows tower over your head as you enjoy  a film on Bryant Park’s large grass lawn. Every Monday of summer starting with June 20, HBO hosts a weekly movie night at the park where people are free to bring a blanket and enjoy the movie, friends, and food for no cost.

        2. Summer Streets NYC


Ever wanted to enjoy the city but found yourself trapped on the sidewalks while cars and taxis flood the streets in a hurry? For three consecutive Saturdays in August, seven miles of New York City streets are closed off to cars, buses, and trucks between 7 a.m and 1 p.m. The event promotes being active, as pedestrians are free to walk skate, cycle, or even dance down roads usually jam-packed with cars. Be sure to expect other fun activities on the seven mile stretch. In 2015, Summer Streets even featured a slide, food vendors, yoga sessions, rock climbing, a zip line, free bike rentals, and musical entertainment.


      3. Bastille Day


New York has always been known as a place where different cultures meet to create has a diverse city unique from all others.To experience another country through their food, music, and language, you can simply take a stroll down a certain New York district. July 10th, on 60th Street, one can be completely submerged in French culture and celebrations for Bastille Day. The holiday commemorates France’s Independence, gained on July 14, 1789. Expect to see musical entertainment, cna can dancers,and food vendors. One of the most exciting components of the whole celebration is the food, with France being world-renowned for cuisine. French bakery classics include eclairs, crepes, and macarons. If you’d rather sit down to enjoy your French dessert, than visit the food vendors, consider the Macaron Cafe on 49th street. The colorful filled cookies are sure to brighten your day.

        4. Smorgasburg


Finding the perfect place to eat can be a hassle, especially in New York where the options are endless. Imagine having dozens of food options at your fingertips in one place. Whether you’re in the mood for something adventurous like a ramen burger, or if you want to stick with classics like fries from Home Frites, Smorgasburg in Williamsburg has the fix. The outdoor food market features 111 vendors, serving sweet savory, and everything in between. Popular vendors worth trying include, Dough, Wowfulls, and Dan’s and John’s Wings. An interesting dish gaining popularity and social media attention since its appearance at Smorgasburg is the intriguing Raindrop cake. The concoction looks quite literally like large raindrop, and has no calories or taste, apart from the syrups that garnish it.

         5. Kayaking in Manhattan

Manhattan Circumnavigation by Sea Kayak

Many experience New York from its streets, and the occasional ferry ride. To switch up how you see the city, consider kayaking around Manhattan instead. Get to see the world famous skyline from your kayak floating peacefully down the Hudson River. The Downtown Boathouse offers free kayak rentals to enjoy Manhattan peacefully, away from the rush of commuters and tourists flocking the streets.  The Boathouse is open every weekend until October 10th from 9 a.m to 5 p.m, and even provides changing rooms and bike locks.