Woodland Deca “Helping Hands” Event

The Woodland Regional High School chapter of DECA is hosting a charity event for the Moscariello family, called Helping Hands at 9 a.m. on Saturday June 10, 2017. The event will be held in the second floor courtyard, and will consist of a competition to see who can hold their hand on a schoolbus without interruption for the longest amount of time. Sounds familiar? Some may remember this game idea from an episode of Zoey 101: Hands on a Blix Van, which DECA members used for inspiration. As contestants hold their hands on the bus, smaller mini games will be held for various gift card prizes. Games include: freeze dance, simon says, hula hoop, and more. Contestants of the main game participating in mini games still have to hold their hands on the bus or they will be eliminated. There will also be food and entertainment provided. Any profit made from the event will go directly to the Moscariello family. Contestants had to pay $10 to register, and advertisements were bought by local businesses to be displayed on the school bus. Prizes for the event include gift cards to Rich’s, Tea With Tracy, Beacon Falls Pizza, Dairy Bar, Baki’s, First Street Apizza, Country Creamery, and more.

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