Mierzejewski’s Hot Sauce Makes Its Mark

For those who feel overwhelmed by the mild tang of Doritos Nachos, Mark Mierzejewski’s hot sauce is unquestionable, utterly, entirely, undisputedly not for you. For the braver of heart and calloused of taste buds, the sauce is a painful yet sought out the rollercoaster of flavor.

Mr. M. set out on the journey of creating the perfect hot sauce after his revelation that most hot sauces were imbalanced in their flavor to spiciness ratio. As an experienced farmer, he selected the ideal pepper, the Carolina Reaper, and began growing them with the help of a high tunnel- a greenhouse which can extend the pepper growing season by about two months. Along with Carolina Reapers, which are currently considered the hottest pepper in the world and are 140 times spicier than a jalapeno, Mierzejewski also throws in some Trinidad and Ghost Peppers. He accentuates the flavor of the sauce with organically grown garlic and onions.

Carolina Reapers from Mark Mierzejewski’s garden.


When asked about the process of making the sauce, Mr. M. was reluctant in revealing his secrets, but he did disclose that the entire pepper is used, including seeds. He also declined to comment on any additional ingredients.

The sauce has achieved great critical acclaim among Mierzejewski’s colleagues. Jill Blasi purchased a whopping five 5 oz. bottles; she definitely earns some toughness point in our book.

Will we ever see Shiloh Run Farm Hot Sauce on our local grocery store’s shelves?

Maybe, maybe not,  but what we know for certain is that through acquaintance with Mark Mierzejewski, the most resilient of hot sauce connoisseurs are given the privilege of enjoying a small farm hot sauce like no other.

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