Another Season, Another Trophy

On the evening of May 24, 2016, the Woodland Girl’s Track Team celebrated yet another victory of first place in the NVL Championships for the fourth consecutive year. The captains, Lauren Lombardo, Lisa Thrasher, and Ava Capuano, along with the other seniors girls, have had the amazing opportunity to experience four undefeated outdoor seasons and four first place trophies throughout their high school career.

“It’s an exciting, accomplished feeling being a part of an amazing team that works hard in winning the NVL championships each year of high school,” said Lombardo.

The girls worked extremely hard all season to get to where they are and give credit to their supportive teammates, captains, and coaches that only want the best for them. Due to the amount of support they receive, by the time NVL Finals rolled around the girls are motivated and ready to perform their best.

As senior captains, Lombardo, Thrasher, and Capuano work hard to set an example for the girls and be positive role models.

“The girls really look up to the captains,” said Capuano.

With this, the girls try their hardest to encourage the girls to always perform their best, to cheer on their teammates, pass down their own experiences, and most importantly, to be proud of their accomplishments and to have fun while doing it.

“As captain, I want the best for all of the girls on the team. I encourage them to give it their all every time and be proud of themselves,” said Lombardo.

Staying positive, listening to coaches, looking up to captains, and to other teammates are important pieces of advice the girls give to their underclassmen to continue being successful and to continue taking home the 1st place trophy every year.

Being captain has been a great experience for Lombardo, Thrasher, and Capuano.

“I have learned that it isn’t about yelling and controlling everyone, it is about being there for people during a tough event and letting everyone know they are an important asset to the team,” said Thrasher.

And though the seniors are leaving, they have made a lasting impact on Woodland Regional High School, leaving the juniors, soon to be seniors, ready to carry on their legacy.

“We will need to listen to our coaches and work hard at practice like we have been for the past four years,” said junior, Samantha Plasky.