Aeropostale Closing all Stores

It is a sad time in the shopping world for many young children and teens. P.S. Aeropostale and Aeropostale are shutting down. The company plans on closing roughly 113 of their stores in the United States, and another 41 stores in Canada. These numbers do not include the P.S. Aero stores that will be closing as well. As for Connecticut, Aeropostale will be closing in the Crystal Mall in Waterford, and signs have been already posted in the Meriden Mall that the store will soon be closing. In addition, Aeropostale in Times Square will be closing. The many stores closing will leave thousands of people unemployed.

Chapter 11 bankruptcy and the $17 million in losses in 2015, is the reason for the future loss of these stores. Compared to Forever 21 and H&M, the designs at Aeropostale are too basic and old, so nobody wants to buy their stuff anymore when there are better options. Forever 21 and H&M release new clothing lines and designs every couple of weeks, whereas Aeropostale may release new designs every couple of months. With Aeropostale not having enough to offer, they are losing more and more customers by the day.

Though Aeropostale is beginning to be a bore to some, it is a great loss to those that will now have to find other places to shop for their clothes. Alternatives to check out would include Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, H&M, and American Eagle.