Tips and Tricks to Finding a Job

With an unemployment rate that has climb to as high as 9% in the past five years, getting a job as a Connecticut teenager can prove to be quite difficult. This year alone, roughly over 40,000 Connecticut teenagers will come of working age.

“It can be difficult to get [a job] when you are 16 or 17,” notes, “but not impossible.”

Finding and getting a job is a process, though not as difficult as one may think.

First, you need to do your research. Finding a job that you would enjoy and look forward to going to is very important as you will be spending a lot of time there. Find places that are hiring a reasonable distance from your house and further refine your search by seeing what places are hiring teenagers. Places most likely to hire teenagers include restaurants, grocery stores, movie theaters, summer camps, department stores, zoos, and museums. After narrowing your search, you may want to make a list of possible jobs. Talking to friends and family would be the next logical step to see if where they work is hiring and whether or not they could get you a job there. Taking advantage of the people around you is a very useful and quick tactic to getting a job.

After researching, you may come to find that places are not currently hiring. Don’t fret, you can always volunteer. Volunteering is not the end of the world and can even end up benefiting you and guaranteeing you a job. By volunteering, the staff and potential employers get a feel for your work ethic, experience, and personality. Volunteering could be your best bet in the long run and lead to a more successful part-time career. Though if you are eager for a job, you can always call the company and request information on their hiring status and make yourself known that way to set you apart from other potential employees that have not yet applied or are still waiting.

If you get lucky and you have the opportunity to apply for a job, go for it. In fact, as soon as you see or hear about an opening, you need to apply before the job opportunity is gone and given to someone else. It would be smart to begin looking for a job well in advance in order to have a better chance to getting a job. After applying, call the company a few days later and check on the status of your application. By doing this, you are letting your potential employer know that you are interested in the job and sets you further apart from other candidates.

When comes time for an interview, it is very important to make a good first impression. Come to the interview ready and dressed to impress; speak correctly and politely, be punctual, have good posture, and don’t forget to smile. Show your potential employer what you know and take advantage of what you are good at, which can include sports, hobbies, volunteer work, and references. With a good first impression, you are bound to get the job.

Getting a job is a lengthy process, but important if you are interested in getting a job. Make sure to do your research and come to an interview ready to wow the emplyer and get the job.