The Perfect Summer


Relaxation, no stress, happiness. In a matter of days, the school year will be over and the real summer will begin. Every year, kids try to top their previous summers and every year, they continue to succeed. After talking to a few of my peers there seem to be two different summers –  a great summer and the dream summer. Put these two together and you’re bound to have a great summer.

The perfect summer is filled with laughs, warm weather, friends, relaxation, and catching up on the sleep you missed out on throughout the school year. Tanning on the beach, spending time with family, no homework, and no drama are also part of the perfect summer.

“My idea of the perfect summer would be to spend it at the beach or going out with friends, but also spending time by myself just chilling and sleeping,” said sophomore, Brooke Pope.

A great summer also entails expanding your horizons by traveling, having bonfires on the beach, surrounded by people that are important in your life, and doing things like water skiing, in the case of Sarah Bryden.

“My favorite thing in the summer is going camping and kayaking,” mentioned junior, Steph McLean.

And the list goes on…

A dream summer is a summer that, well, one dreams of having and maybe one day will get the opportunity to experience. Such a summer could include huge road trips with family and friends, going on cruises to exotic destinations, out to tropical vacations in Hawaii or Aruba.

“If I could do anything in the summer, I would go to a sunny place out of Connecticut and admire the scenery and different attractions,” said freshman, XiuXiu Sammis-McCoy.

Other people’s dreams, like sophomores, Isabel Golia, who wishes to go parasailing or Tina McAllen who wishes to go sky diving, are a little more out-there and exciting.

Whether this summer will turn out to be a great summer or a dream summer for you, summer is always a time when you can have the time of your life.

Have a great summer creating unforgettable memories and make sure to send them to our schoology page or use the hashtag #wrhssummer16 and your memories might appear in next year’s yearbook.

Here are some memories of Woodland students from previous summers –

“My favorite summer memory is going to Florida, with my cousins, to visit my grandparents. I got to go to Sea World and make great memories with my grandparents.”

-Freshman, XiuXiu Sammis-McCoy

“My favorite summer memory was definitely going to Disney with Mr.Tomlin and Mr. Amato for our first Student Government Nationals trip. My freshman year was the first time we met “gold standards” and became nationally recognized. The conference was held in Orlando, Florida, so we went out a day early and spent a whole day in Disney. Seeing your teachers turn into 5 year olds again was just as magical as Disney itself. We all had a great time and the trip helped me form a closer relationship with one of my favorite teachers throughout my academic career, Mr. Tomlin.”

-Junior, Chris Lauck

“Ah geez, my favorite summer memory is probably when I went to England and we blew two tires on our rental car. I know that sounds crazy but we met a lot of people we never would have met if it didn’t happen and they were all so nice and I just want to do it again. It was an experience I’ll never forget.”

-Junior, Steph McLean