Dreaming of a White Christmas (That’s Not Going to Come)

This year, instead of grabbing your trusty Ugly Christmas Sweater, it may be more appropriate to find an Ugly Christmas T-shirt.  Record setting December temperatures are currently being recorded, because baby, it ain’t cold outside, and Bing Crosby is crying because there is no hope in having a white christmas this year. Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain.  

Typically, Santa is the Big Man around this time of year, but this Christmas; the man we should really be worrying about is El Nino. Described as a warming of the Pacific Ocean roughly every two to seven years, this weather event is the root cause of this unusually balmy December in the North East.  

Because wind blows from west to east, America is getting hit with warm winds coming from the Pacific. No one is sure how long this event will last, but it could last anywhere from a few months to a few years.

As of right now, weather.com predicts that Christmas Eve will be 68 degrees fahrenheit and rainy; Christmas Day will be 62 degrees and the rain will continue. Christmas-Lover Stephanie McClean is upset knowing that Christmas will be rainy.

“It’s pretty sad that it’s going to be warm on Christmas,” said McClean, “Lately, I feel like it hasn’t been December. The other day, I was comfortably wearing shorts outside! Nevertheless, Christmas is Christmas and it’s still very special.”

This year, for those dreaming of a “White Christmas”, weather that is usually considered “delightful” may become “frightful”.