Misuse of Woodland Sports Lockers Causes Policy Change

When you think of fall sports, multiple senses are involved. The taste of crisp fall air, the feeling of new cleats hitting asphalt, the scent of freshly cut grass on the football field. These senses don’t prepare you for the Woodland sports locker hallway, where the overpowering scents are sweat, vomit, and worst of all, axe spray. When Woodland secretary to the athletic director, Jill Spiwak, realized the disgusting mess the hallway had fallen into, she employed the help of school custodians to clean out these lockers.

Once they started opening lockers, they realized that some students had put a pencil in between the top and bottom locker to save for themselves and create a “double locker”. Some of these double lockers contained items such as dirty clothing, old rotting food and drinks, soil, bugs, wads of gum, and even vomit. Below is a photo of one of the less disgusting lockers, and it’s still pretty gross.

The bonds between all double lockers were cracked, and every unused locker was endowed with a school-provided lock. If students want to claim a locker now, they will have to present their own lock to Ms. Spiwak, who will unlock her own and allow them to claim it.

In the past, sports lockers were individually assigned to each student, and Spiwak hopes we won’t have to go back.

“I really don’t want to have to be really strict about the lockers, because we want to trust Woodland athletes,” says Spiwak, “but if the lockers continue to cause a smell and an issue, we might have to go back to the old system.”

Past issues with sports lockers have been graffiti and seniors leaving notes for new athletes, but one locker was destroyed by accident one year.

“To fix these lockers costs several hundred dollars,” says Spiwak, “and we want to prevent these issues from happening again.”