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January 22, 2018


Snowpocalypse of 2015

The northeast has been hammered with snow within the past two months. Throughout the course of January and February, roughly a total of three and a half feet has fallen in Connecticut, eight feet in Massachusetts, two and a half feet in New York, and another three and a half feet in New Jersey. The

Harry on Hoth, the snow cancellation movie

A long, long time ago before there was warmth, snow covered the vast expanse of region 16.
Ever hoping that all students and faculty remained safe school had to be canceled.
However, one day, when the snow was particularly fierce, one teacher did not get
the cancellation…

Bus Drivers in the Snow

Written By Veronica Dergachev As the winter goes on, storms come and go and each time more snow continues to accumulate on the ground. These conditions often cause accidents happen, but rarely does anyone seem to hear about bus drivers getting into accidents. This is because, according to Brenda Bass, the safety supervisor at the

Towns Dig Out Roads and Roofs

As Storm Nemo (or Charlotte or Snowpocalypse or Carlos or whatever you called the 30″ snowfall) covered the Northeast in a blanket of fluffy precipitation, thoughts turned from awe to wonder to dismay to despair.  Where was all that snow going to go?  The answer… Nowhere. And that is the problem that many if not

VIDEO:: Blizzard Nemo

Finding Nemo was not a difficult task in Connecticut this morning. As the Blizzard swept in to the state snow began falling around 8am.  Quickly, the snow started sticking to cars and shortly after that pavement surfaces such as driveways began to accumulate snow dust as well. 14 year-old, David Moody, explained why he enjoys

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