Best Buddies Celebrates Halloween

For the majority of the time, celebrating Halloween doesn’t start until the holiday. This year at Woodland Regional High School, Best Buddies celebrated early at their monthly chapter meeting.  Mummy contests, halloween themed snacks, and halloween hangman were just some of the themed activities.

The mummy contest asked everyone to grab a partner and make the best mummy out of each other with toilet paper.  With others watching people running circles around one another, the audience let out many laughs. Joshua Drown was appointed to be the best mummy in the first round and Matthew Campbell in the second round.  It was a tough decision for the judges to choose who was best.  From getting tired of all the running in circles, everyone couldn’t wait to get their hands on some snacks.

A large variety of snacks were provided, including dirt pie, chocolate cake, chocolate pudding, chocolate frosting all thrown into a dish with gummy worms tossed on top of it resembling dirt with worms crawling out of it.  The snack creeped a couple people out but proved itself as a fan favorite.

Who doesn’t love making what they eat?  Everyone had the opportunity to design their own cookie.  They could personalize it to whatever they wanted with frosting and many different types of sprinkles.  Sugar cookies were given to everyone and frosting was passed around, but it did not stop there.  Sprinkles were soon thrown onto the cookies giving it the perfect finishing touch. Once the cookies reached their full potential, they were quickly devoured.

While everyone was snacking, a fun game of hangman was played.  But it was a bit harder due to all the words being Halloween related.  A couple words truly stumped many people but it was an all around good time.