Internship Program Provides Students with New Opportunities

Seeing one of your friends walking out of school early can create some jealousy, but seeing them walk out in scrubs or a business suit can raise some questions.

Woodland Regional High School is giving all seniors and juniors the opportunity to participate in an experiential learning program. Students are able to choose a field of work that they have interest in.  Each student has a mentor that determines what work they can and cannot fulfill.  Not only are they learning what the career truly is, they are getting the added pressure of being in an actual work environment.

Being a part of this program gives students the chance to explore their options in careers.  Some participants learn that they are not willing to pursue the career while others find out how passionate they are for the career path.

Ashley Frenette, a participant interesting in nursing, can agree that the internship program helped her narrow down her career choices.  She was nearly certain that her career was chosen; however, through this experience she learned that this career path was not the best fit for her. 

This year, a number of internships are taking place at an auto body shop, a veterinarian office, a physical therapy office, a lawyer’s office, and even at a school.  Many interns work in an office setting, whether it is looking through cases or assisting a doctor.  The students help to the best of their ability.  

Woodland requires each participant to spend at least 40 hours at the internship.  These hours are easily accumulated after school or even on the weekends.