Community Rallies Together to Support Loss of Beloved Moped

Losing something is no picnic, but when it is something you have worked for your whole life, it is a completely different story.  When something is swept from underneath your feet you become lost and hope that there is someone there to catch you.  Recently, this tragic event struck a caring, hardworking, determined man, Raymond Bell.

Many know the Long River Middle School custodian, Bell, from seeing him around school, or around Prospect.  No matter what the weather is, for more than 20 years, his only transportation has been his moped.  Many see him on his way to Dunkin Donuts, or even to other towns.  On Saturday, December 12, Ray was walking into the Waterbury mall when he took his last glance at his moped.  It was the last time he would see his trustworthy companion.

Bell’s niece, Meagan Moriarty decided to step up and do whatever she could to help out.  On Sunday, December 13, she started a GoFundMe in order to raise money to get back what her uncle needs most.  She shared it on Facebook and the shares immediately multiplied.  In less than 24 hours, 94 people aided in achieving the goal of $3,000.  The turnout was truly unbelievable. Those in local towns who know Bell came together in order to help right a wrong.

Moriarty decided to surprise Bell with the moped on Wednesday, December 16 at his work.  This touching moment brought joy to many residents of local towns, and even a couple tears to Bell’s eyes.  Raymond Bell thanks everyone from the bottom of his heart for all the support he received through this tough time.

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