Hawkwing’s Sponsors “Be a Nice Human Week”

Hawkwings- a F.O.R club, recently sponsored the “Be a Nice Human Week”. Through May 18 to May 22, Woodland students were encouraged to exemplify kindness in and out of school.

Bethany Didato, Hawkwings advisor, spoke on the focus of this event.

“We wanted to make people conscious of doing nice things around the school,” said Didato.

Along with the week of kindness, there was also was a “Jeans For Troops” day on May 21st, which Hawkwings sponsored with help from the Interact Club and Preserving our Histories. Sponsors wanted to encourage advisories to converse about the importance of “being a “nice human” weimageek, especially around Memorial Day.

“We were going to do Be a Nice Human week a different week,” said Didato, “but it really fit into trying to let local veterans know we were thinking about them.”

Jeans for Troops was a day to bring awareness and support to the local veterans in honor of Memorial Day.

“Since it is a fundraiser that exists nationally, we thought we would jump on the opportunity,” Didato said.

Donations of around $2 were accepted from the students during lunch waves and $5 from the staff were collected by Didato and Hawkwings co-advisor, Janine Murdy. All donations went towards the GI-Go Fund which help veterans find housing, employment, education and health benefits.

Didato, along with the rests of Hawkwings, got many people to participate during this week which brought great awareness. It brought kindness into people’s lives and spread smiles to veterans who fought for our country.