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Mr. Woodland Contestant: Dean Conway

Why did you enter?

“I entered the competition simply because I saw no reason to not join. The fee was a little annoying but otherwise, I did it just for the fun. I also had considerable pushing from my girlfriend to participate.”

What qualities do you have that would make you a great Mr. Woodland?

“I’m very musical and very involved in our schools music and fine arts programs. I am athletic, I run cross country, indoor track, and outdoor track. I was a boy scout for several years and from that I’ve learned how to lead others which I often do in the music program as a student band conductor. I am in 2 ap classes currently and took a 3rd as a self study for my senior project. All mathematics based ap courses because thats what I’m strong in. I suppose you could say I’m well rounded and talented in extra curriculars as opposed to being solely book smart, which I suppose I consider myself.” 

What will the title of Mr. Woodland mean to you?

“It would mean 2 things. 1) I was the first winner of a competition that will hopefully continue for some years to come. 2) Bragging rights. Lots of bragging rights. I would be very proud of myself if I won, mainly because there is definitely steep competition this year, and because I know that it won’t be easy. Any completed challenge is something to have pride in.”

What part of the competition are you most excited for?

“Talent. Everyone loves to show off a little and that’s what that section is about and I can’t wait to showcase myself a little bit.”

Sneak peak?

“Something regarding music. For now though, I’d like to keep it confidential.”

Fun fact

“One fun fact about me is that you’ll never find a more reliable friend. Those close to me are sacred and I will always protect them.”



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