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A New Beginning


When you walk in the doors freshmen year the idea of four years seems overwhelming. New teachers, new classes, and a new school. Graduation seems like it is an eternity away.

Yet, here the class of 2013 stands four years later, only 18 days away from their graduation.

After pep rallies, finals, dances, and APs the four years are finally coming to an end.

Through the good times and the bad the class of 2013 has finally made it to the last home stretch.

Looking back at the four years, students of the class of 2013 reflect back on their experiences as they get ready to move on to new parts of their lives.

“I’m going to miss the atmosphere at Woodland. Woodland has been a place where everyone is a friend; everyone wants to help one another. You don’t need an invitation to be included in something. If you want to do something, everyone will encourage you to do it,” said senior Jesse Erickson. “It’s a safe place and there’s always a place to go when you’re not feeling the best of having the greatest days. The teachers there will become your friends and having that stability in high school is so amazing.”

Senior Scott Siegel agreed with Erickson and talked about the sense of community and how Woodland is like one big family. “We’ve all been going to school together for four years and even longer than that. I can walk through the halls and see people I know from all grades.”

When looking back at the years there are so many things the seniors will miss as they get ready to move on past high school.

Seniors Eric Gomez and Jami Archambeault both commented on how they will miss all the friends that they have made at Woodland.

Senior Sydney Corneau agreed saying, “I’m going to miss my friends that I’ve grown up with and the sport’s I’ve done.”

“I will miss all of the school spirit events like pep rally and being able to dance with the dance team at the football and basketball games,” said senior Alicia Brown.

“I’ll probably miss my advisory the most as we have grown so close over the years,” said senior Mary Fitzgerald. “It will be weird not seeing the same ten people every day anymore.”

Senior Laureen Quayson agreed that she will miss classes as well, especially advisory and her AP Lit class.

“I’ll definitely miss Mr. St. Georges the most,” said senior Nick Barra. “Not only is he a very talented musician and teacher, but he is just a pleasure to be around. He’s taught me so much about being a musician.”

Senior Rex Sturdevant agreed with Barra and said, “I love working with Mr. St. Georges, and I have met all of my best friends in band.”

Regardless of all the things the seniors will miss, there are memories that they will carry with them and never forget.

Archambeault said the greatest thing Woodland has been able to offer her is learning who she is as a person.

Gomez mentioned that the production of Once on This Island by the drama club last year will always be a favorite memory of his.

Barra also said his favorite memory from high school was the days spent during the production of Once on This Island. “The members of the pit band stayed up late every day that week working hard to perfect our parts.” For Barra it was a time that solidified some friendships and it is something that he will never forget.

Fitzgerald agreed that participating in the drama club plays and musicals was an incredible experience for her.

For senior Shea Keeley the memory that stands out the most is her very first pep rally. “I was on the dance team and when they called us out to dance I was so nervous but with the people cheering it was the biggest adrenaline rush ever.”

Siegel agreed that spirit week and pep rally were great memories that he had. He especially remembers his class winning the screaming contest every year. Also when “the boy’s soccer team won NVLs my junior year—that was a great feeling.”

“My favorite memory was the pep talk Mr. Gelzheiser gave us before the exam,” said Sturdevant in reference to AP US History. “It made that very difficult class totally worth it, and it made me love being an American.”

“My favorite memory is probably outdoor track NVLs this year,” said Corneau. “The team worked so hard to win and we all had so much fun and we were really close.”

“I’ll miss the teachers the most,” said senior Sarah Parker. “They just make me feel so comfortable at school because they are so personable. They really make the entire school a community.”

The days dwindle down as the class of 2013 prepares to walk through the Woodland halls for one last time.

The four years went by faster than anyone would have ever imagined and for so many Woodland has become their home away from home.

So while the seniors have a new beginning waiting for them around the corner, the memories and the times spent at Woodland will forever be remembered.

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