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Moody Monday:: Snow Days


Staying home from school always sounds like a great idea. Some students stay home in order to take a break, relax, or catch up on work. However, when it comes to being stuck at home the days do not seem at enjoyable.

With all the snow that fell in Connecticut over the weekend, Region 16 has had three days off and some students are beginning to go stir-crazy. Sitting inside, there are a number of tasks students could complete.

Being home leaves plenty of time to catch up on school work, begin projects, study, or maybe even get ahead in classes. But, on a snow day doing homework always seems wrong. Instead, snow days are usually spent watching movies, catching up on tv shows, instagramming “selfies”, or tweeting inspirational texts.

Unlike most other snow days, many people did not even have the option to leave the house. While normally students would not leave the house on a snow day anyways, simply knowing they are not able to increases the anxiety.

The possibilities of what to do on a snow day may seem endless, but many students spend these days doing nothing. A majority of students in their houses on the computer, watching tv, and eating. Eventually the repeat of these things becomes boring and students almost begin to beg for school.

Without school and the lack of social interaction and structure, on top of the inability to leave the house, snow days suddenly seem terrible. For the students of Region 16, it did not take long for the boredom to set in.


On twitter people tweeted and they were begging friends to come over, hoping school would not be cancelled, and complaining about how they have spent their snow days inside of the house. Others could not wrap their brains around why anyone would want to be in school.

For those who wanted to go back to school their was one main reason. These students feared losing other vacation time, and dreaded the heat that would be encountered during make up days at the end of the year. For seniors, it was the thought their graduation date would once again be pushed back.

While everyone always wants a break, after a few days the reality seems to set in and people start to realize the grass really is not always greener on the other side.

All across the state, crews are working hard to clear the snow in order to allow students to return to school. For many students in Region 16, the thought of going back to school is actually something to look forward too.

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