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See Movies for Cheaper?

See Movies Cheaper

Movie tickets can be pretty expensive for the average teen just trying to have fun. In the Beacon falls/ Prospect area the most popular movie theaters are the Waterbury mall, the Seymour cinemas and in Southington.

The movie tickets at the Seymour Cinemas are usually ten dollars, which is really expensive if the movie is just something to do on a Friday night.

However, the theaters already know this so they have deals to help the average person out.

Specifically the Seymour cinemas have cheaper ticket prices on Tuesdays where the tickets are only six dollars all day.

The rest of the time they have a rewards card where for each dollar spent is a point earned, and certain amounts of points gets snacks or even tickets.

Regal Cinemas Brass Mills Center 12, in the Waterbury mall, offers a similar deal with a rewards card.

They have a regal crown card that works the same system and the more money spent is more points earned.

Rave Motion Pictures 12 in Southington Tickets start at seven dollars at night and just five dollars during the day or matinee.

They also have Rave Cinema Classic days every Monday at 3 P.M. This day the theater plays classic movies or shows and the tickets are only three dollars, they also include concession stand snacks.

One more unique thing about this theater is that if a student attends a movie there, they get a discount of two dollars off any ticket if they show their student identification.

So next time when buying movie tickets head over to Southington movie theater for the best ticket and snack deal.

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