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January 23, 2018


Twins Nail and Spa Opens in Prospect

Do you enjoy getting your nails done? Are you seeking a way to relax from the stress of school and the busy schedule that comes with it? Twins Nail and Spa recently opened in Suite C at 50 Waterbury Road in Prospect, Connecticut this past August.   The staff at Twins Nail and Spa offer

A New School, A New Beginning

  Story by Carly Erickson and Veronica Dergachev Usually, your traditional elementary school is grades Pre-K through fifth grade. But, in Prospect, there are two elementary schools. Algonquin, the older of the two schools, has grades Pre-K through third, and Community has grades fourth and third. But, instead of the students transitioning from one school

Holiday Community Service Opportunities at Your Reach

Holiday season is here and if you’re in need of community service hours, listen to this announcement. Community Service opportunities are everywhere. Algonquin and Community elementary school PTO will be holding a holiday fair December 12, 2014 from 5:30-7:45. Within this fair the students will participate in the festive activities. This includes events such as

See Movies for Cheaper?

See Movies Cheaper Movie tickets can be pretty expensive for the average teen just trying to have fun. In the Beacon falls/ Prospect area the most popular movie theaters are the Waterbury mall, the Seymour cinemas and in Southington. The movie tickets at the Seymour Cinemas are usually ten dollars, which is really expensive if

Dog License Required

We all know that a license is needed to drive. What some people are not aware of, however, is that your dog needs a license simply to live in your home. It is required by law in the state of Connecticut and many other states as well that all dogs six months of age or

Pumpkin Patch

On the main stretch of grass on St. Anthony’s Parish ground are pumpkins for sale for families in the town of Prospect, CT. Lisa Stanley, one of the head chairpersons of this event, and her volunteers have sold over two-thirds of their pumpkins in the first three days. The time it took to plan the

Physical Chess

Fencing is an Olympic recognized sport that takes much more than being physically fit. A fencer needs to be in top shape in order to battle their opponents but they also need more, they need strategy. Fencing is often compared to a physical version of chess. The fencer must manipulate their partner’s moves and counteract

NJHS Raises Money for Cancer Awareness

On June 8, 2010 members of the National Junior Honor Society at Long River Middle School in Prospect, CT donated $780.00 to the American Cancer Society. This year for their community service project, they raised funds through two events they organized. First they made ribbons representing different forms of cancer and sold them at school.

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