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January 23, 2018

Posts by: Katie Minutillo

Woodland Pilots Student Government and Leadership Course

Clubs like Student Government, Journalism, Hawkwings, DECA, and more look to promote the development of leadership skills among students. Next year, however, students will have the opportunity to learn the theory behind leadership, all while earning an academic credit. This Student Government and Leadership course will be piloted at Woodland for the 2017-18 school year.

Mayne and Meliso Soar to the Top of the Class

Success at Woodland Regional High School is not only defined by academic achievement, but by a student’s desire to obtain knowledge, make connections, and the ability to be truthful, respectful, and encouraging. The Woodland Way outlines these expectations in order to motivate students to excel. Each year, two students from the graduating class are recognized

Terpstra and Plante Chosen to Compete in CMEA Southern Region Music Festival

Students spend high school struggling to find their place. In some cases, however, students excel so exceptionally in their niche that they are recognized in a regional competition. Senior Katelyn Terpstra and sophomore Jillian Plante were recently selected to the CMEA Southern Region Music Festival. Both girls took part in an audition in November and

Clash of the Clubs

Clubs allow high school students to engage in an outlet outside traditional classroom settings. Woodland Regional High School offers a plethora of clubs for students to choose from, each providing students with immersive learning experiences and memorable friendships. With a large number of clubs to choose from, it is easy for students to become involved

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