Mayne and Meliso Soar to the Top of the Class

Success at Woodland Regional High School is not only defined by academic achievement, but by a student’s desire to obtain knowledge, make connections, and the ability to be truthful, respectful, and encouraging. The Woodland Way outlines these expectations in order to motivate students to excel.

Each year, two students from the graduating class are recognized for their dedication in the pursuit of this knowledge. Those students, the valedictorian and salutatorian, serve as an example for their peers and the rest of the Woodland Community.

This year, Valedictorian Allison Mayne and Salutatorian Abigail Meliso have set the bar high.

Meliso has made it a priority to keep her grades up since elementary school. She found achieving high levels of excellence more important for her personal satisfaction than recognition by teachers or her peers.

“I held myself to high standards and I knew how important it was to do the absolute best I was capable of,” said Meliso.

Those high standards also led Meliso to become involved in seven extracurricular activities including Student Government and Drama Club. School work remained her top priority, and any free time was used to complete assignments. She also notes that taking full advantage of her study halls played a large role in her academic success.

Study halls weren’t the only thing keeping Meliso on track. She thanks the teachers at Woodland and her parents for being supportive over the past four years.

“The teachers at Woodland have made learning easier and sometimes more fun, which definitely contributed to my grades,” said Meliso.

After spending countless hours dedicated to her school work, Meliso is now looking positively towards her future.

“All my college applications are in, so I just have to wait for answers,” she said. “It kind of feels like a lot of pressure has been lifted off my shoulders.”

Meliso expects to hear back from her colleges of choice in March. Though she is not looking to declare a major right now, she is interested in pursuing art history.

Meliso has worked hard to live up to the Woodland Way as well. Though treating her peers with respect was a standard she was raised to uphold, she continued to push herself to be responsible and honest.

Meliso said, “I constantly want to better myself to better represent the school.”

As a senior and Class of 2017 Valedictorian,  Mayne has been committed to achieving nothing short of her best. Mayne set her sights on being first in her class freshman year. With unwavering dedication, she accomplished this goal four years later.

“I always tried to make homework and studying my first priority, and I am really happy to see my hard work pay off,” said Mayne.

Along with her devotion to academics, Mayne made time to play two varsity sports, volleyball and tennis. She is also a member of CSI Woodland, Math Honor Society, World Language Honor Society, and serves as Treasurer of Woodland’s Chapter of The National Honor Society.

With much of her time committed to extracurriculars, Mayne found it important to stay organized and set herself ahead when completing assignments. She owes much of her success to the fact that she was dedicated to understanding the knowledge that was presented in each course. She also found it important to ask questions whenever she was confused.

“I did not want to simply memorize the facts or formulas, so I really tried to internalize what I was learning,” said Mayne.

She believes fully understanding the learning and and helping other students achieve their goals is key to being engaged in the Woodland Way. Mayne is never shy to help her peers better understand certain concepts and skills.

“I feel that being supportive and encouraging is a big part of our Woodland community,” said Mayne.

Mayne is looking forward to enjoying her last few months of high school spending time with her friends and is excited for the senior events such as prom and the class trip. Mayne is still waiting to hear back from the colleges she applied to before making a decision. However, she is looking to pursue a pre-law degree in hopes to attend law school in the future.

As stated in the Woodland Way, “Woodland Regional High School is a community of learners aspiring to develop citizens who are active and productive members of an ever changing world.”

And with true commitment and hard work,  Mayne and Meliso unequivocally exemplify what it means to be a Woodland Hawk.