Activities for This Upcoming Fall

The leaves are changing colors, the nights are getting colder, and the days are getting shorter. Those are signs for Fall’s entrance to our year and winter making its way.

Caroline Osborn, fall enthusiast, is excited about the changing weather.

“I like the crisp weather and how it’s so cold in the morning,” said Osborn. “But then it gets more comfortable. I also love looking at all the leaves and how they’re on the ground already but they’re also in the trees and are all different colors.”

Luckily for Caroline, Connecticut is filled with so many places to go to that scream fall and spooky season to all. Even stores and fast food places are pulling out all the stops with pumpkin muffins, lattes, and pies. Along with the varying flavor options, fall has many different months for most to enjoy and even more places fitted to this spooky season. 

Lyman’s Orchard is a very popular spot in Connecticut during the fall season. It has apple picking and a corn maze for adventurers to get lost in. Some can take the apples they collect and bake some delicious delectables at home for friends and family to enjoy. Apple pie and apple crisp are two of those sweets and are majorly involved in the fall season.

 Another big spot near CT is the Big E. Although it is not directly in CT, many residents enjoy making the hour-long ride to the Big E in Springfield Massachusetts. The Big E is a giant fair with tons of food and a huge variety of rides. Some of their most famous foods being their mac & cheese, deep-fried pineapple upside-down cake, lemonade clam cakes, and so much more. Along with their long listed amount of food they have rides to match like their Century Wheel, Cliff Hanger, and Hyperloop. It even has concerts held on select days of the month with people showing such as AJR and, a more nostalgic, Carly Rae Jepsen. Although the Big E is one of the most talked about fairs it’s not the only one. A fair is held in both Prospect and Beacon Falls during fall that many friends go together to have fun and eat their famous cotton candy and fried dough.

Springfield Massachusetts has it all as not only does it have the Big E but during October Fright Fest is held in Six Flags New England. They also have some shows held with it’s most famous being the Verdict of Sorcery. Six Flags is known for its rides but during Fright Fest that’s not all they have available. Haunted houses, like the Midnight Mansion, are available to scare most into having a good time.

Some may not want to make the trek to Fright Fest or other fairs to enjoy some Halloween frights. Although, you don’t have to always leave even your room to enjoy some horrific sights. Spooky Movies are always fun to watch with friends, family, or even by yourself during fall and October. Some fall classics are Hocus Pocus, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and Halloweentown, plus so many more.

Faith Herren, avid Halloween viewer, loves fall and the movies that follow.

“I love October because of Halloween,” says Herren. “I have a tradition with some of my friends that we stay in the house and watch Halloween movies the whole day and we just eat a bunch of food that’s fall and Halloween-themed.”

There are so many fun things to love and enjoy about fall. Connecticut may be one of the smaller states, unlike Massachusetts, but it still has many fall opportunities. Make sure to go out and enjoy yourself this October and maybe even go to some of the spots or do some of the activities talked about.