Which Restaurant Has the Best French Fries?

French fries are a food that everyone loves. Unless you’re absolutely insane and don’t like them. McDonald’s, Burger King, and pretty much any fast food place you can think of sells fries. Most of the fries at these restaurants are good, but which fries are the best? The French Fry Controversy seems to be a pretty big argument. 

That’s why my friends and I needed to get to the bottom of this; Which fry is the best?. Before tasting the fries, I got people’s opinions on which fry was their favorite. After asking 45 people which fry is the best, the most popular vote to my surprise was McDonald’s (15 votes.) Second place was Chick-fil-a with 13 votes, and the rest of the restaurants with fewer than 10 votes.

“When I think of a good fry, my head immediately goes to McDonald’s. They’ve always been my favorite,” said Lexi Landrigan, fry enthusiast.

The second most popular vote, however, was no surprise. The very unique waffle fries from Chick-fil-a are usually a favorite from anyone who’s had them, including the reporter. 

“Something about them is just so good,” said Bella Cybulski, Chick-fil-a fanatic. ”They’re different from most restaurants.” 

After getting people’s initial opinions, the time for the fun part finally came – tasting the fries. I knew I needed fry experts for this test, so I chose my judges very wisely – I decided to go with my family. Considering that fast food is our go to meal when we’re on the road, they were a very smart choice. My parents unwillingly drove around for about an hour getting fries from each restaurant. After the treacherous journey, they finally made it back home to taste the fries.

 One by one, they thoroughly tasted each fry not knowing which was which.  After a long discussion, the judges made a difficult decision on which restaurant sold the ultimate best fries: Chick-fil-a. It is no surprise that the savory waffle fries dominated the rest. 

“McDonald’s was always my favorite, but the Chick-fil-a ones were honestly way better than I thought,” alumni Mike Falcone states. 

Despite McDonald’s getting the popular vote, Chick-fil-a’s delicious waffle fries ended up on top.  Being one of the few fast food places that sells waffle fries, Chick-fil-a easily overcame the generic rectangle fries. 

“I’ve never had Chick-fil-a before,” stated my dad, a Chick-fil-a newbie. “I was surprised at how good they actually were.”