Area 51: To Storm or Not to Storm

“Storm Area 51, they can’t stop us all!” 

The term that went viral over a poll Matty Roberts posted on June 27, 2019 over

 Facebook. Over 2,000,000 million people have signed that they are going and one and a half million people have signed that they are interested in attending the raid. The poll posted the idea of invading the high-security government base to find the Aliens and for the government to reveal the secrets of keeping extraterrestrials. Since the Cold War, the base has remained a mystery to the public, with the only solidly known fact being the location.

Area 51, located at an elevation of 4,462 ft in Lincoln County, Nevada, is a secure base that has sparked conspiracy theories and is a component of Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) wonders, operated by the U.S Federal Government branch of the Air force. The base of Area 51 has never been identified as a secret to our nation and the surrounding areas contain highly sensitive compartmented information. 

The origin of the name Area 51 comes from an Atomic Energy Commission numbering grid, the base Area 51 is not part of the system; it is adjacent to Area 15. The code “Area 51” was also most likely used for the reason of the Atomic Energy Commission would most likely not use the number 51 for other codes. 

During the Cold War, one of the main missions carried out by the United States was the test and elevation of captured Soviet aircraft. This indeed was not a new mission as testing foreign technology had begun by the USAF during World War II. Conspiracists believe that the government has new forms of technology that they are working and testing on from different nations including those that are extraterrestrials.

One of the most famous incidents related to Area 51 is the Roswell incident. In June 1947 there was evidence of large debris field from the crash that occurred in Roswell, New Mexico. Reports were initially of a flying disc but it was later changed to a weather balloon crash by government officials. There were also conflicting reports that possible extraterrestrial-life was found in the debris and taken to Area 51. Several hundred people have claimed to have a connection through the Roswell in 1947 through an interview conducted by the team of UFO researcher Kevin D. Randles. Their conclusions were that at least one alien spacecraft crashed near Roswell, alien bodies had been recovered, and a government cover-up of the incident had taken place.

The plan to invade Area 51 is simple. The Facebook event planner posted, “On September 20th at 3:00 a.m., the group will arrive.”

“We will all meet up at the Area 51 Alien Center tourist attraction and coordinate our entry.” The event later mentioned, “If we naruto run, we can move faster than their bullets. Let’s see them, aliens.”  


June, the act to raid Area 51 has taken over social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tik Tok. Many comments have filled Facebook with maps and plan entry into the government sight. Through Tik Tok, the meme became a life of its own through the animation appearances in the videos along with plans on how to live with the Aliens under #stromarea51. One tweet read, “Petition for Katy Perry to sing E.T at the Area 51 raid half-time.”

The attention of these memes and the form to sign up to raid Area 51 has reached government authorities and they suggest to not take part in “Storm Area 51, they can’t stop us all,” as they mentioned using legal force to keep the area protected. 

The Woodland community has given there take on possible theories that may take place at Area 51 when given the question “What do you think is going to happen at the Area 51 raid?” One suggested that “people will be camping outside”. In Fact, many hotels are booked for the night of September 20th around Lincoln County, Nevada from the petitioned raid. Others believe that people will get arrested from being on government property, “There will be about 50 people that try to raid the area but will ultimately be prevented”, for the government has stated to use legal force on those who proceed. Some students even suggest that there will not be a raid and nothing will happen. Yet some believe that we will see and hang out with our alien friends one day.

Prepare to Nuarto run through the guards and meet up with Lil Nas X. So go have your mom sign your permission slip for the raid on September 20th.