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January 23, 2018


You See Hamburger, I See Death

  Picture an overpopulated, 1800’s jail where it’s dark, cold, and rundown–prisoners  cramped in a disease-ridden dungeons, weakly surviving through days on limited rations, wallowing in their own filth. While our prisoners today might be treated better, these horrid conditions still exist. Modern day meat sources like cows and pigs suffer these conditions daily for

Summer Fashion Trends

Ahh Summer is arriving which means new trends arrive and that means more shopping and let’s be real who doesn’t love that. First things first, mules;Yes that 80’s and 90’s trend that your mother used to wear when she was a cool teen and will probably start wearing again (since its cool). You have probably

Roommate Revision

“I’m looking for someone who can stay in and watch Netflix but also go out and go to parties with me!” “My favorite shows are Shameless, One Tree Hill, and The Office.” “I’m into rap but honestly listen to anything! I have a super diverse music taste.” “Message me if you’re interested!” “Looking for somebody

Spring Fashion Has Arrived

Spring is just around the corner and Fashion Weeks are ending which means new trends are emerging. Some of these trends are expected, but many may come as quite a shock. A typical trend for spring is obviously anything floral, but this time it’s to another level. Not only is this trend exploding, designers are


“Lurking” traditionally summons an image of a masked man in a trenchcoat, spying on his prey in the shadows. Frightening. However, the new definition is far less threatening- picture a teenage girl, armed with the lovely irrationality and over-analyzation that comes with being a teenager, holding a device that contains a full profile of information

How Much Sleep do Teens Really Get?

“There are twenty-four whole hours in a day, you have plenty of time.” “Oh you’re young, you’ll have time!” Twenty four? That’s it? Let’s face it, some high school students would need at least 30 hours in a day to ensure they get enough sleep while trying to balance their schedules. And also, let’s accept

How much Pumpkin Spice is too much?

Story by Maria Teixeira and Julia Swiatek With Autumn comes the changing of the leaves, warm sweaters, and Halloween decorations, but fall fans anticipate nothing more than the pumpkin spice flavors that reach every corner of the crisp, scenic season. However, how much pumpkin spice is too much? Products such as pumpkin spice pasta, salsa, beef

Five Horror Hits to Make Your Halloween

[su_box title=”Disclaimer” style=”soft” radius=”2″ class=”width: 200px;”]Hawk Headlines does not encourage the viewing of these films for an audience under 17 as they are rated R, not suitable for most students.[/su_box] You know those movies that leave you dashing up the stairs at night when you turn the lights off. When your home alone and you

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