How To Make The Best Of Easter Fools

Happy Easter Fools! You don’t hear that greeting too often. Of course you don’t; it’s a rare occurrence that April Fools Day and Easter go down on the same day. In fact, this year is the first in 73 years when both Easter and April Fools fall on the same day, and the next time this rare event happens is in 2029, then again in 2040. After that, it won’t occur again this century. It’s strange to think about, the two holidays combined in a weird holiday fusion mashup. They don’t seem to go together. How can you enjoy Easter (if you celebrate) when you are waiting for someone to prank you? How can a silly holiday like April Fools go with a serious holiday like Easter? However, if you’re creative enough, you may be able to think of some ideas that will go perfect for the occasion. To get the juices flowing, here are some pranks you can play on your closest family and friends.



Wrap Grapes to Look Like Chocolate Eggs



What is more tasty than a chocolate egg on Easter? Don’t ever answer; of course there’s nothing more delicious. Imagine a friend’s surprise when they discover a grape instead of a delicious chocolate candy. For this prank, take a grape and some colorful tinfoil. Wrap the grape like a mini chocolate egg. This is a great prank, but you might be risking the friendship and trust of the person you’re pranking if you follow through with this prank.


Dye/Color Uncooked Eggs



Something I always loved on Easter morning was cracking open those delicious, colorful eggs. The eggs were always cooked, of course, but what if they weren’t? This prank may be messy, but is it worth it to see the look on your prankee’s face? I think so. The procedure is simple: sneak an uncooked egg into the batch of cooked eggs. Be absolutely CERTAIN that you know which egg is your prank, or the yolk’s on you.


Fill Easter Baskets with Practical Items



Easter baskets, for me, bring back memories of darting around the house, in an intense race against my brother to find our baskets. Inside the baskets were toys, candies, movies, games, and of course, best of all: Easter grass. No basket would be complete without it. For this prank, it’s best to be the one filling the baskets. If your prankee is like me, they expect to find lots of goodies in their basket. They might be just a little bit mad to find toothpaste, clothes, and books in their “treasure chest.” Don’t forget to add Easter grass to give it a little extra flair.


Put Fruits/Vegetables in the Eggs During Hunts



An Easter hunt! Great for competitive kids thats love to search for candy. This Easter, though, they won’t find candy in those little plastic eggs. Don’t you think they should eat something healthier? Me, too! Put fruits and vegetables in the eggs, then hide them for the hunt. You could put candy in some of the eggs, or you could keep them all veggies and fruit. It’s your choice, but don’t hunt me down with a trail of angry 6-year-olds on your tail. Prank at your own risk.



Put Jelly Beans in the Ice Dispensers



Jelly beans are delicious: don’t deny it. Sugary and sweet, and coming in so many wonderful flavors and colors, jelly beans are a crucial part of Easter. Why not have some fun with them? This prank works best at an Easter party where there’s an automatic ice dispenser. Just grab a bag of yummy Jelly Bellies and drop ‘em in. Watch the guests’ faces as little drops of sugary deliciousness fall into their drinks instead of plain old ice.


Fill Chocolate Bunnies with Mustard



By now you’ve probably figured out that I LOVE candy, chocolate probably most of all. Chocolate bunnies are yum, but chocolate and mustard? That’s a little too . . . daring . . . for me. If you want to fool your friends, grab a chocolate bunny and some mustard (the spicy kind gets the best reaction.) Carefully peel back the foil and poke a hole through the bottom of the chocolate so your “victim” is less likely to notice the hole (note that it may be easier to make a hole if you run your utensil under hot water first.) Try to make as big a hole as possible to fit more mustard in (if you want, you can try different kinds of sauces like hot sauce or mayonnaise.) When you’re done, carefully re-wrap the chocolate and leave it for someone to find, or you could give it to them directly and run top speed in the opposite direction.


Dress Up as a Bunny and Ding-Dong-Ditch



This is the crown jewel of the pranks, so to speak. Probably best to be enjoyed by older teens, this prank is the same idea of the classic: the ding-dong ditch. The only difference is that it’s in a bunny suit. Everything is better in a bunny suit. Anyways, just go up to a door in your neighborhood and ring the bell (or knock if there’s no bell.) Then, run. If you are feeling more daring, you could stick around near the yard and hop away as they come to the door. You could also leave a pile of raisins on each doorstep to see their reaction. Play around with different ideas. Just make sure that you choose a neighbor that won’t mind being pranked.



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