The Show Goes On- Upperclassmen Take the Stage

Upperclassman Showcase is a Drama Club tradition; it has been the senior project for a Drama cabinet member for the past four years. The event features Juniors and Seniors singing and dancing on stage, and it’s a final bond between the upperclassmen.

Gillian Farina, who organized the event for her senior project, embraces the bond that Juniors and Seniors share.

“It’s the last year for us seniors,” Farina stated. “ I really wanted us to have one last thing for us to bond with.”

This was not the first Upperclassmen Showcase Farina witnessed, however.

“My freshman year, Katie Steinbacher did this, my sophomore year Sarah McVeigh did it, and last year Sidney Sills did it,” stated Farina. Usually, a Drama Club cabinet member does it, and this year is no different. “I wanted to keep the tradition going,” expressed Farina.

While the event is an unforgettable experience for upperclassmen Drama members, it takes quite a bit of planning and thought.

“You have to think about blocking, what songs you’re gonna do, how people’s vocal ranges will work with that song, and how well people will work together,” Farina stated.

It’s also quite a difficult preparing, with the commitments that upperclassman, especially seniors, have with jobs and planning their futures.

After a collection of snow days, and other scheduling issues surrounding the event, this Upperclassman Showcase took place on March 15th, 2018 at 6 PM. Farina expressed how they did the best they could.

“We had fun and that’s all that matters.”

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