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Summer Fashion Trends

Ahh Summer is arriving which means new trends arrive and that means more shopping and let’s be real who doesn’t love that.
First things first, mules;Yes that 80’s and 90’s trend that your mother used to wear when she was a cool teen and will probably start wearing again (since its cool). You have probably seen these shoes pretty much everywhere on social media and out and about. These are probably the hottest trend this summer because they are the easiest thing to put on and just go out. You can pretty much pair these with anything, either shorts or a dress when you wanna look a little more put together. You can either get ones that are versatile color with a little heel or a vibrant one with a little bigger heel.

Continuing with the shoe trend. The new “IT heel height of the season” as says, They are cute little heeled sandals that pretty much go everything, just like the mules but these have straps. My personal favorite that I’ve seen are either embroidered flower ones or a denim type pattern.

A trend that I have been seeing a lot, that started in Spring is wide legged trousers. This trend for sure will continue into summer which you can pair with the cute heeled sandals that was mentioned before. These pants have been seen with just plain color but they have also been seen with stripes which I think are SO great for summer.

Bikinis are obviously a staple for summer but you will definitely see a lot of people wearing one pieces. Of course one pieces have always been a trend but this year for some reason there’s an obsession on finding the right one piece that will fit perfectly.

This last trend I mentioned before and you probably have seen everywhere like the others, which is embroidered anything. From skirts to shoes you can pretty much find this trend anywhere. A mentioned before embroided heeled sandals are probably my favorite trend of all, but it doesn’t stop there. Embroidered floral denim skirts have been HUGE in the Spring and is without a doubt going to be carrying into Summer, so watch out.

Hopefully you are now on your way to the mall to get yourself ready for Summer and if not shop online.

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