Woodland Takes On Costa Rica

Rainforests, beaches, and volcanoes are all popular natural attractions in Costa Rica. The beauty was just one factor in the decision to take our very own region sixteen students on the trip. Luddy was also inspired by her experience and the culture. ”It’s a perfect opportunity to explore another country that’s very different from New England.”, says Luddy. She started planning this trip in June 2016 and is going with Explorica, the traveling company. For three months, she talked with other teachers who also did an abroad trip to ensure that she chose the right company.

The Costa Rica trip is open to anyone who wants to come, including students from the middle school. The trip is targeted towards language students, but may also be appealing to environmental students as part of the trip is focused on the environment and the maintaining of the forest. Attendees include: five students are coming from the high school, one student is coming from the middle school and three family members are accompanying the students.

The students itinerary include some amazing sights, which include a trip to an active volcano and a hot spring. Luddy says, “I am looking forward to ziplining and the canopy tour.” The students plan on visiting a volcano. It’s an active volcano, sometimes there are little eruptions. Luddy wants the students to “use their spanish in real life settings, to learn about the ecology of the forest.”  Even with their growing tourist population, Costa Rica know how to keep the rainforest lush and pristine.

Luddy says, “It’s an especially good experience to talk to other students from the local school. We speak spanish with them and they speak english with us. Senorita Santos and I are very excited and hope we can get more students to join us.”

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