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By: Steve McCusker

The IPhone to me is the best invention to date, but that comes with a price…Well if you’re clumsy like yours truly.

A naked IPhone is beautiful thing. Nothing looks sleeker and more attractive than a crispy clean IPhone.

The risks though in my opinion out way the benefits.

I used to be that kid with the nice clean iPhone no scratches no cracks and my phone worked to a T.

That all changed one sunny afternoon, when my crispy white iPhone was stripped from my hands as my dog bolted out of our front door.

In the instant it seemed as if the world was in slow motion.

My phone launched from my finger tips and went spiraling through the air, down our front steps, to where it finally made its landing face down on the stone walks way.

I knew what happen right from the start. When I went to go pick up my phone, the screen was shattered and at first it wasn’t so bad, but as time went on my screen progressively got worse.

Slowly my phone started to get more issues as time passed and this is when my opinion about these prestigious iPhones really started to change.

I didn’t quite know what frustration about a phone was until the vibrate on my IPhone stopped working.

For weeks getting text messages and calls were a total pain, yes I could of left my phone on sound but eventually that constant sounds drives you to insanity especially when you are trying to sleep at night.

So continues my issue of IPhone Probz. Nothing tops what happened next. So my genius friends thought that it would be a great idea to hide my iPhone, which is already In shambles under the toilet seat in my house.  Well little did they know that the seat has a mild slant to it and no longer did they place it on the seat my phone took a plunge right into the clear water of my toilet.

That was just the start of my bad luck. After going like 3 days without a phone I finally got a nice new Iphone.

That nice clean sleek new phone only lasted me about 3 weeks till it happened.

It was just like the first time, a bright sunny day. My phone laid nestled in my sweatshirt pocket, but as I start to run down the driveway my phone decided to be a dare devil and take a leap of faith out of my pocket, but this was no ordinary leap, it was timed perfectly with my foot and as I ran I accidently punted my phone. As my phone flew thought the air it went thought a giant puddle skidding and flipping, landing in its final resting place in the middle of the road.

To my surprise well actually not my surprise I kind of figured it happened my front screen was shattered completely… making this iPhone number 4 I had destroyed.

I guess as beautiful as a naked IPhone is, it’s just not made for the clumsy.



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