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Top Trends Spring 2013

img-thingWhen I walked outside this morning I heard a sound that has been foreign to me for the past 5 or so months.

Birds were chirping.

Walking home from the bus stop this afternoon, it actually felt warm outside and I noticed that the 20 foot snow banks on my lawn were finally starting to melt.

The sun is shining, birds are chirping.

Spring is in the air and I am ecstatic about it now. Not because of longer days or spring sports or anything.

I am over joyed because I can go shopping for new spring clothes.

According to, all you need to be in style all spring long is a few key pieces.

One of those key pieces would be Bermuda shorts. Yes, Bermuda shorts. Those knee length shorts that everyone seemed to rock in second grade are back in style.

Sorry ladies, so long are the days of itty-bitty beach cutoffs (teachers and parents rejoice.)

Toss on a denim pair of these slouchy half pants for an effortlessly cool boho look.

If you’re like me spring is the time to buy and wear as many sundresses as humanly possible.

That’s why I am extremely happy that A-line and clinch waist dresses are going to be hot this season.

Add a cute pair of wedges, flats, flip flops, or canvas sneakers (or virtually any other shoe that you have in your closet) and you have an adorably easy spring outfit.

Popular prints this spring are out of the ordinary for spring.

Blacks and whites seem to be taking the place of pastel Easter egg-ish colors this spring.

Bold stripes have also been spotted a lot on the runways.

What is great about these patterns and prints is that they will never go out of style. You can stock up for spring and then keep them in your closet all year round. Chances are you even have pieces like these in your closet already.

To go with all these trend setting outfit are girl needs to complete her look with trend setting shoes.

This spring season, flats and low heels are all the range.

Fabulous flats are more comfortable than any kind of heel you can find and they’ll have you in a summer state of mind in no time.

As the sun gets brighter you are going to find yourself in desperate need of a pair of sunglasses.

Hot this spring are big bold statement making shades. Try a pair of colorful cat eyes to add a bit of edge to your look.

Even though it may not be totally warm enough to break out these spring fashions just yet, it is never too early to start stocking up your closet.


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