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January 23, 2018


Chlorine is Ruining my Life

My skin is dry. My hair is half dead. And if you just so happen to lick my arm, the pungent scent of chlorine will fill the room in a matter of seconds. I’m a mediocre swimmer on a high school swim team, but to a certain extent, most swimmers can relate to the problems

Top Ten Moments of Woodland Fall Sports 2014

[tps_header] [/tps_header] The ballots were cast and the votes have been tallied; these are the sports moments that will be remembered. Plays, runs, swims that put the team ahead. Wins that made a great season even better. The following were voted in as the most memorable plays for Woodland’s 2014 Fall Season.  If you have

Upcoming Winter Sports

A new season of woodland sports is just around the corner. For winter sports we have Boys and Girls basketball (freshman, JV and Varsity), Boys and Girls indoor track and Boys swimming and diving. The boy’s varsity is looking to improve on their record from last year which was 8-14. The girl’s varsity basketball is

Hawks Swimming Sweeps Torrington

By: Tina Vlamis “Don’t even consider the option of losing,” was the mantra repeated by girls’ swim team captain Katie Drewry leading up to Woodland’s victory against Torrington on September 19th. This victory has been goal of the swim team since 2005, which was the last time they defeated Torrington. In the past decade, the

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